Стоматологическая поликлиника № 61


8 (499) 908-25-65

Ортопедическая стоматология:

8 (499) 200-69-55

Платные медицинские услуги:

8 (499) 908-38-77

Государственное автономное учреждение здравоохранения города Москвы «Стоматологическая поликлиника № 61 Департамента здравоохранения города Москвы»

Generel information

General information about the clinic
State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of Moscow
"Dental Clinic № 61 of the Moscow City Health Department"
The capacity of the clinic in terms of staffing is 320 visits per shift. 

Specialists of our clinic seek to improve their professional level, annually participate in congresses, assemblies, seminars on dentistry. Actively participate in Russian and international exhibitions.

Achievements of the Dental Clinic № 61
In the framework of the implementation of the program of modernization of health care in Moscow in 2011-2013. In the clinic, expensive imported dental units were installed, a dental tomograph performing 3D dental-jaw system research, dental radiovisiographs and multifunctional laser devices.

Every year in the dental practice there is an increasing number of modern methods of treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the dental-maxillary system.

The orthopedic department performs the most complex, most time-consuming dental-technical work. In this segment, dental orthopedic care is provided to the most honorable and most respected patients of our pensioners, disabled people and war veterans.

During its many years of work, the team of the polyclinic has always stood out for its stability and active social position.

In 2017, thanks to the Head of the Moscow Health Department for many years of diligent and conscientious work for two dentists.

Address: 127572, Moscow, st. Cherepovets, 15
Registry: 8 (499) 908-25-65
Registry of the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry: 8 (499) 200-69-55
Registry office for the provision of paid medical services: 8 (499) 908-38-77
Email: sp61@zdrav.mos.ru


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